We started as a small 400 sq ft shop in Sneaker Street HK in the 80s, now we are one of the top branded sportswear chain store in HK. 2016 our Toronto 76 awarded top of 7500 NSP in Nike Global, Sales Turnover.

    • We headed the changes of Sneaker Street HK in the 90s, being the first to open up NIKE specailty stores, the diversity and product richness it brings even surpasses average multi-branded store, with focus in one brand.
    • We opened up our NIKE flagship in the heart of Sneaker Street HK, 2004, and since became global sales record leader and breaker, with competent and resourceful management.
    • We pioneered NIKE specialty stores in Macau by opening the first of them in Venetian Macau, 2007.
    • We have numerous NIKE specialty stores, with network reaching CBD of HK and Macau, with a growing customer base, and being a major player in the market.
    • With understanding of the wants of different age group customers, we tailor our merchandising, store positioning and even cashiering practice to cater for their needs.
    • BIGPACK, German outdoor brand, after right being acquired, we have it expanded its territory from Sneaker Street HK to the entire China region.
    • BIGPACKER, multi-brand outdoor store, where customers shop for leading European brands.
    • BIGPACK CAFÉ, debuts authentic cuisine from the Alps. A place inspired by specific alpine landscape-wooden cottage and lodges to recap the true atmosphere in the mountain.
    • PREMIUM SPORTS, always bringing in the latest fashion trends, the place to look for the “Limited Edition” products.
    • TORONTO SPORTS, multi-brand chain stores, selling well-known sports brands for the majority market.
    • TORONTO DYNAMICS, collecting the best, latest and trendy apparels and gears from all aorund the world, suited for sportsmen, fashion lovers and outdoor likers, dynamcis in different styles.

    Our teams undergo regular professional trainings, grasp the latest market trend and product information, so as to offer excitement, tailor-made services, and a wide range of products to satisfy customers’ needs.

    2017Expanded Nike Flagship to Global Highest Tier Specialty Store
    Opened First Functional Sportswear Conceptual Store – ASCNT
    2016Awarded Nike Global Champion Sales Turnover per POS
    2015Awarded Nike Greater China Champion Sales Turnover per POS
    2014Awarded Nike Greater China Champion Sales Turnover per POS
    2013Awarded Nike Greater China Champion Sales Turnover per POS
    Awarded Nike Best Sales Growth
    2012Awarded Nike Global 1st Runners Up Sales Turnover per POS
    2011Awarded Nike Global Champion Sales Turnover per square feet
    Awarded Nike Best Sales Growth
    Flagship store turns into Nike specialty Flagship
    2010Awarded Nike Best Sales Growth
    Acquisition of BIGPACK
    JV matured with Lafuma Group
    2009POS of JV in China reached 100
    2008Awarded Nike Best Sales Growth
    POS of JV in China reached 50
    2007First to open Nike specialty store in Macau
    2005JV with Lafuma Group in China
    Flagship store opened in Hong Kong
    Pioneer Millet in Hong Kong
    2004First to open Nike specialty store in Hong Kong
    2003Pioneer Lafuma in Hong Kong
    1993Partnership with Nike started soon as their Hong Kong setup
    1976Established in Hong Kong with a sportswear retail shop

Toronto Sports is always in search of spirited, committed individuals to join our team. We are regularly hiring talented people across the country at our retail stores, distribution centers, and corporate offices. The followings are the vacancies available:

1. Sales Trainee
2. Sales
3. Senior Sales

As an employee you are eligible for benefits based on your part-time/full-time status. Benefits may vary by location but generally include:

  • Career Prospect
  • On-the-job Training
  • MPF
  • Medical Insurance*
  • Staff Discount
  • Travel Reward
  • Sales Commission
  • Year-end Bonus

* Applicable to Senior Sales only

Interested parties please apply with full resume by email to [email protected]